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2014 Billerica Spelling Bee Results

Congratulations to all of the 131 finalists that competed in the fifth annual Billerica Spelling Bee, sponsored by the Billerica Rotary Club. The event took place on Saturday, February 8, 2014 at the Marshall Middle School in Billerica, Massachusetts.

Detailed round-by-round tracking of the results can be downloaded here.

After having spelled more than six-hundred words in the six grades of competition, we’re proud to recognize the following winners:

Third Grade

  • First Place – Sanjay Sivakumar, Ditson Elementary School
  • Second Place – Madison Coleman, Ditson Elementary School
  • Third Place – Shannon Bailat, Hajjar Elementary School

Fourth Grade

  • First Place – Suzanne Patti, Parker Elementary School
  • Second Place – Aishwaria Kailasam, Parker Elementary School
  • Third Place – Gabriella Santa Cruz, Ditson Elementary School and Yash Prabhu, Ditson Elementary School

Fifth Grade

  • First Place – Jayden Personnat, Ditson Elementary School
  • Second Place – Matthew Young, Dutile Elementary School
  • Third Place – Saketh Mynampati, Ditson Elementary School

Sixth Grade

  • First Place – Jessica D’Antona, Marshall Middle School
  • Second Place – Sriram, Krishnamoorthy, Locke Middle School
  • Third Place – Ankit Amonkar, Locke Middle School, Diti Pitre, Locke Middle School, Megan Moore, Locke Middle School, and Ryhan Mortuza, Locke Middle School

Seventh Grade

  • First Place – Brandon Mahoney, Marshall Middle School
  • Second Place – Alex Yeh, Locke Middle School
  • Third Place – Patrick Browne, Locke Middle School, Roshan Ravi, Locke Middle School, Sreyas Yennampelli, Locke Middle School, and Cory Lafleur, Marshall Middle School

Eighth Grade

  • First Place – Alyssa Moore, Locke Middle School
  • Second Place – Sean Rudenick, Locke Middle School
  • Third Place – Jonathan Doliver, Innovation Academy Charter School

Congratulations to all of the finalists and winners! Spelling Bee certificates and corrected tests from the qualifying exam will be sent to you through school within the next couple of weeks.

Since the Billerica Rotary Club covered the costs of the event and Enterprise Bank of North Billerica contributed prizes for the event, we’re able to send all of the proceeds from ticket and bumper sticker sales, almost $2,000, to the Billerica Partners for Education Innovative Classroom Grants Program that supports creative education programs in our local schools.

Yesterday’s program was recorded by BATV. We’ll post an announcement when the production is completed and the DVD is available.

On behalf of our family and all of the volunteers who supported the event, thank you for such a great day!

Mike and Denise Moore

Co-Chairs, Billerica Spelling Bee

An activity of the Billerica Partners for Education

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Spelling Bee Schedule

The 5th annual Billerica Spelling Bee will be held on Saturday, February 8, 2014 at the Marshall Middle School on Floyd Street in Billerica. Please note that we are not at the high school for this year’s event.

Tickets will grant an all-day admission and will be $6 for adults, $3 for students and seniors, and no charge for little ones. Students participating in the Spelling Bee do not need a ticket.

Proceeds from the event go to fund the Innovative Classroom Grants program of the Billerica Partners for Education.

The public is welcome to attend the event.

The schedule for the rounds by grade is posted below.

NOTE: The only start time that is guaranteed is third grade. For all others, we’ll try to start on time but, given the nature of a spelling bee, some rounds go long. With many years of experience, we’ve developed a schedule that we believe will be accurate, but you should always plan some extra time after your round in case the grade before you runs long.

Students should arrive for check-in at least fifteen minutes before their scheduled start time.

Student Grade

Count of Students

Start Time



9:00 AM



11:00 AM



12:30 PM



2:30 PM



3:30 PM



4:15 PM

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2014 Spelling Bee Finalist Announcement

Congratulations to the 356 students in grades 3 through 8 that took the Billerica Spell Check, the qualifying exam for the 2014 Billerica Spelling Bee!

The following students, based on their test scores, will represent their schools as Finalists at the 2014 Billerica Spelling Bee on February 8, 2014 at the Marshall Middle School (new location). Specific times for each grade will be announced as we get closer to the event date.

Finalists should study these words in preparation for the Billerica Spelling Bee:

Here are the Finalists, listed by grade:

Third Grade

Name School Name
Aaron Marques Ditson Elementary School
Aditi  Swamy Ditson Elementary School
Asma Shaikh Vining Elementary School
Ayush Singh Hajjar Elementary School
Cara Cloghessy Hajjar Elementary School
Deekshitha Kasagani Ditson Elementary School
Harshitha Sunchukeshava Mount Hope Christian School
Ishaan Patel Parker Elementary School
Jason Zacarias Ditson Elementary School
Jessica Patti Parker Elementary School
Kellan Fournelle Parker Elementary School
Lauren Aucoin Ditson Elementary School
Madison Coleman Ditson Elementary School
Miranda Hodgkins Hajjar Elementary School
Mya Gargalianos Ditson Elementary School
Rayne DeGiorgio Parker Elementary School
Riwaj Singh Dutile Elementary School
Rory Walsh Ditson Elementary School
Sanjay Sivakumar Ditson Elementary School
Sarah Daxikar Ditson Elementary School
Shannon Bailat Hajjar Elementary School
Shawn Mulkerin Kennedy Elementary School
Tanvi Muppala Ditson Elementary School
Vinisha Patel Ditson Elementary School

Fourth Grade

Name School Name
Abby Boudros Parker Elementary School
Adam Young Dutile Elementary School
AISHWARIA KAILASAM Parker Elementary School
Alexis Efstratiou Parker Elementary School
Cameron Lewitzky Dutile Elementary School
Dhruv Nadkarni Ditson Elementary School
Gabriella Santa Cruz Ditson Elementary School
Kadyn Kabuga Ditson Elementary School
KAREN SHOME Ditson Elementary School
Lucy Pritchard Hajjar Elementary School
Marina Botte Hajjar Elementary School
Matthew Barros Ditson Elementary School
Max Crocker Dutile Elementary School
Meghna Yeladandi Ditson Elementary School
Moneil Tailor Ditson Elementary School
Payal Gandhi Parker Elementary School
Renee Knockenhauer Vining Elementary School
Ruby O’Rourke Parker Elementary School
Ryan Alleca Kennedy Elementary School
Samantha Whitten Parker Elementary School
Siobhan Tolleson Ditson Elementary School
Steven Lankowski Ditson Elementary School
Suzanne Patti Parker Elementary School
Wensley Lipman Kennedy Elementary School
Yash Prabhu Ditson Elementary School

Fifth Grade

Name School Name
Cassidy Elliott Hajjar Elementary School
Claudia Hadley Dutile Elementary School
Daniel Magill Parker Elementary School
Davidson Doliver Innovation Academy Charter School
Derek Stevens Ditson Elementary School
Disha Surajiwale Parker Elementary School
Domenic Hall Kennedy Elementary School
Gautham Giridharan Dutile Elementary School
Gerson Personnat Ditson Elementary School
Jai Patel Ditson Elementary School
Jayden Personnat Ditson Elementary School
Kelsey Yutkins Kennedy Elementary School
Kunj Patel Vining Elementary School
Lauren Montion Ditson Elementary School
Matthew Young Dutile Elementary School
Nethra Vasudevan Ditson Elementary School
Nolan Rexford Ditson Elementary School
Olivia McElhinney Ditson Elementary School
Owen Kwet Parker Elementary School
Puja Jhaveri Ditson Elementary School
Sachi Joshi Parker Elementary School
Saketh Mynampati Ditson Elementary School
Sean Worrall Kennedy Elementary School
Shashank Jarmale Ditson Elementary School
Suzanna MacNutt Kennedy Elementary School
Tej Patel Ditson Elementary School

Sixth Grade

Name School Name
Aiden Deady Marshall Middle School
Alyssa Murnane Locke Middle School
Andrew Lambert Locke Middle School
Ankit Amonkar Locke Middle School
Ariana Swoyer Locke Middle School
Ava Lankowski Locke Middle School
Avani Agrawal Marshall Middle School
Cassidy Worrall Locke Middle School
Delyla Cherone Locke Middle School
Diti Pitre Locke Middle School
Jessica Dailey Marshall Middle School
Jessica D’Antona Marshall Middle School
Jessica Landry Innovation Academy Charter School
Kaylie Efstratiou Marshall Middle School
Landon Sorensen Locke Middle School
meaghan sheehan Locke Middle School
Megan Moore Locke Middle School
Nathan Young Locke Middle School
Niloy Neogi Locke Middle School
Pimprenelle Behaeghel Locke Middle School
Roshni Bhat Locke Middle School
Ryan Browne Locke Middle School
Ryhan Mortuza Locke Middle School
Sriram Krishnamoorthy Locke Middle School
Tina Tailor Locke Middle School
Vincent Lopez Locke Middle School

Seventh Grade

Name School Name
Alex Yeh Locke Middle School
Ashwin Chitoor Marshall Middle School
Ben MacKinnon Innovation Academy Charter School
Brandon Mahoney Marshall Middle School
Cory Lafleur Marshall Middle School
Firas Rimawi Marshall Middle School
Jenna Green Marshall Middle School
Judy Tolleson Locke Middle School
Kashwar Khemraj Locke Middle School
Katelyn Sullivan Marshall Middle School
Keiko Park Marshall Middle School
Kerra Lipman Locke Middle School
Leah Fabiano Marshall Middle School
Lindsay Tell Marshall Middle School
Patrick Browne Locke Middle School
Roshan Ravi Locke Middle School
Sreyas Yennampelli Locke Middle School
Troy Tamis Marshall Middle School

Eighth Grade

Name School Name
Alyssa Moore Locke Middle School
Brianna Buckley Locke Middle School
Brianna Meyers Locke Middle School
Deanna Karis Locke Middle School
Isabelle Grise Locke Middle School
Jared Alexander Marshall Middle School
Jonathan Doliver Innovation Academy Charter School
Joshua Pimentel Locke Middle School
Paul Held Locke Middle School
Rose Keyes Locke Middle School
Sean Rudenick Locke Middle School
TJ Larkin Locke Middle School
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Out of District and Makeup Student Testing

For students who do not attend the Billerica Public Schools or for those who missed the test in school last week, the Billerica Spell Check test will be offered for grades 3 through 8 on Wednesday, December 4, 2013 from 4 PM to 5 PM in the second-floor Conference Room at the Billerica Public Library.

All students should report to the Conference Room at 4 PM. The test will be administered by grade.

This will be the only makeup session offered. If your student misses the test in school this week, please email us to let us know that you’ll be coming for the makeup session.

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2013-2014 Billerica Spelling Bee – Registration Open

Dear Students and Parents,

Billerica residents in grades three through eight (public, private, charter, parochial, and home school) are invited to participate in the fifth annual Billerica Spelling Bee, powered by the Billerica Partners for Education.

Our purpose is to help students improve their spelling, increase their vocabularies, learn concepts, and develop correct English usage that will help them all their lives. This event is intended to encourage and celebrate academic excellence in our community.

To participate in the Billerica Spelling Bee, students must enroll in the program, take the Billerica Spell Check qualifying test, and be one of the top scoring spellers for their grade. There is no cost to participate.

The timeline for the Spelling Bee (subject to change):

–       October 15, 2013 – Enrollment begins, information and videos from last year’s event at

–       November 1, 2013 – Enrollment forms due, registration closes. Return completed and signed forms to your teacher. Study words will be distributed to enrolled students.

–       November 25 – 27, 2013 – Billerica Spell Check qualifying test delivered in school for Billerica Public Schools students

–       December 2-4, 2013 – Billerica Spell Check qualifying test delivered at the Billerica Public Library for students not enrolled in Billerica Public Schools and for any make-ups for Billerica Public Schools students

–       December 16, 2013 – Test results will be announced, finalist notifications and study words will be distributed

–       February 8, 2014 – Billerica Spelling Bee – The top scoring spellers for each grade will compete in an all-day town-wide competition with a top speller crowned for each grade.

To enroll, please download and complete the registration form here and return it to

Questions? Send e-mail to