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2013 Billerica Spelling Bee Winners

On February 2, 2013, the fourth annual Billerica Spelling Bee was held at Billerica Memorial High School. The day-long competition brought together 137 students from all over Billerica. The event was sponsored by Billerica Rotary Club and prizes for our first place winners were provided by Enterprise Bank.

Every student that participated in the Billerica Spelling Bee qualified for the event by taking a written test in November of 2012. A total of 311 students took the written test and the students that received the highest scores were invited to the February 2nd competition as finalists.

Students from public school. private schools, home schools, parochial schools, and charter schools were represented in the written test and in the finals.

Our winners are:

Third Grade

  1. Ryan Alleca, Kennedy Elementary School
  2. Dhruv Nadkarni, Ditson Elementary School
  3. Matthew Barros, Ditson Elementary School

Fourth Grade

  1. Saketh Mynampati, Ditson Elementary School
  2. Shashank Jarmale, Ditson Elementary School
  3. Nethra Vasudevan, Ditson Elementary School

Fifth Grade

  1. Roshni Bhat, Ditson Elementary School
  2. Jessica D’Antona, Hajjar Elementary School
  3. Sriram Krishnamoorthy, Ditson Elementary School

Sixth Grade

  1. Ashwin Chitoor, Marshall Middle School
  2. Patrick Browne, Locke Middle School and Roshan Ravi, Locke Middle School
  3. Judy Tolleson, Locke Middle School

Seventh Grade

  1. Alyssa Moore, Locke Middle School
  2. Antonio Gulia, Innovation Academy Charter School
  3. Brianna Meyers, Locke Middle School

Eighth Grade

  1. Helen Lee, Lee Family Home School
  2. Shannon Dinsmore, Marshall Middle School
  3. Dawn Moore, Marshall Middle School

Congratulations to all of the winners and finalists! We hope you enjoyed your time at the Billerica Spelling Bee!

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2013 Billerica Spelling Bee Winner Details

Wow! What a great day today!

During the course of the six grades, our pronouncer, Dede Galdston, delivered 712 words!

You can view the detailed results here.

You’ll see a green Y for correct words and a red X for misspelled words.

Congratulations to all of the participants!

We’ll publish pictures from the event soon!

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Spelling Bee Finalist Announcement

Congratulations to the 286 students that took part in the Billerica Spell Check, the written test that serves as the qualifying exam for the Billerica Spelling Bee!

After correcting the tests and tallying the scores, we’re excited to announce the 141 finalists that will compete in the Billerica Spelling Bee on February 2, 2013 at Billerica Memorial High School.

Notices went out to parents of finalists via e-mail earlier today with registration instructions and links to the elementary and middle school study words for the Spelling Bee.

Study word lists for the Spelling Bee:

All tests will be returned after the Spelling Bee, probably in late-February or early March.

Any questions can be sent to

Congratulations again to everyone who took the test!

Third Grade Finalists

School Name Name
Ditson Elementary School Corey Sullivan
Dhruv Nadkarni
Matthew Barros
Siobhan Tolleson
Yash Prabhu
Dutile Elementary School Amanda MacLeod
Eve Stone
Payal Gandhi
Sarah O’Connell
Shaan Rana
Hajjar Elementary School Anna Cole
John Caserta
Lucy Pritchard
Sean Furbush
Thomas Cole
Home School Clara Mandile
Kelsie Call
Kennedy Elementary School Connor Halko
David Macdonald
Ryan Alleca
Wensley Lipman
Mount Hope Christian School Nidhi Manchikanti
Parker Elementary School AISHWARIA KAILASAM
Alexis Efstratiou
anjali tiwari
Dylan Woodall
Suzanne Patti
Vining Elementary School Daniel Mihoc
Isaac Grosskurth
Jeffrey Gutierrez
Samuel Antonelli

Fourth Grade Finalists

School Name Name
Ditson Elementary School Gerson Personnat
Jai Patel
Nethra Vasudevan
Saketh Mynampati
Shashank Jarmale
Tej Patel
Dutile Elementary School Alyssa MacEachern
Claudia Hadley
Gautham Giridharan
morgan castadoro
Hajjar Elementary School Liam Kelley
Marina Botte
Ryan Noyes
Skyla DiMambro
Kennedy Elementary School Domenic Hall
Jordan Saber
Sean Worrall
Suzanna MacNutt
Parker Elementary School Alyssa Chase
Davidson Doliver
Disha Surajiwale
Sachi Joshi
Vining Elementary School Aidan Kelsey
Alexander Merkel
Kunj Patel

Fifth Grade Finalists

School Name Name
Ditson Elementary School Ankit Amonkar
Diti Pitre
Nathan Young
Niloy Neogi
Roshni Bhat
Sriram Krishnamoorthy
Dutile Elementary School Joey Napoli
Madison Bonvie
Nicole Burns
Samantha Gallagher
Hajjar Elementary School Danielle Sullivan
Jessica Dailey
Jessica D’Antona
Sophia Pantalone
Home School Joey DeVito-Surette
Kevin Moody
Innovation Academy Charter School Anita Gulia
Gachau Kabuga
Jessica Landry
Kennedy Elementary School Aiden Deady
Alyssa Murnane
Cassidy Worrall
meaghan sheehan
Michael Bragg
Parker Elementary School Arushi Kalpande
Isabella Tassone
Jacob McIntosh
Kaylie Efstratiou
Vining Elementary School Ariana Swoyer
Megan Moore
Ryan Browne

Sixth Grade Finalists

School Name Name
Academy of Notre Dame Meghan Pefine
Innovation Academy Charter School Ben MacKinnon
Locke Middle School Amaan Shaikh
Judy Tolleson
Kerra Lipman
Madhumitha Velmurugan
Meg Schiavo
Patrick Browne
Philip Cataldo
Roshan Ravi
Sreyas Yennampelli
Marshall Middle School Akash Rana
Ashwin Chitoor
Bradley Molyneaux
Brandon Mahoney
Cayleigh Goss-Baker
Grace McGovern
Hannah Gould
Jasmine Kaur
Jenna Green
Katelyn Sullivan
Madison Bosworth
Troy Tamis
Zachary Amoroso

Seventh Grade Finalists

School Name Name
Innovation Academy Charter School Antonio Gulia
Araceli Schmalz
Jonathan Doliver
Locke Middle School Alyssa Moore
Brianna Buckley
Brianna Meyers
Deanna Karis
Joshua Pimentel
Kyle Simonds
Miranda Quinlan
Samuel LaPusata
Sean Rudenick
Shanmukha Srinivasan
Timothy Larkin
Marshall Middle School Jared Alexander
Rachel Toner
Talia Pucillo

Eighth Grade Finalists

School Name Full Name
Home School Helen Lee
Locke Middle School Gaurang Amonkar
Hannah Landry
Lucas Knight
Rachel Carfagno
Rachelle Mejia
Uma Khemraj
Marshall Middle School Christopher Comeau
Colin Brooks
Dawn Moore
Shannon Dinsmore