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2018 Billerica Spelling Bee Winners

Congratulations to all of the finalists who competed in today’s Billerica Spelling Bee!

All of the children showed courage and dedication as they took to the stage at the Marshall Middle School. We’re proud of you all!

Here are the winners:

Third Grade

1st Place

Devjit Paul, Parker Elementary School

2nd Place

Zafina Sheikh, Ditson Elementary School

3rd Place

Alex Schulze, Vining Elementary School


Fourth Grade

1st Place

Morgan Castine, Parker Elementary School

2nd Place (tie)

Ayaan Nowaz, Vining Elementary School

Caitlin Phelan, Dutile Elementary School

Camryn Rose, Parker Elementary School

Lily Smith, Hajjar Elementary School

3rd Place

Mateo Costa, Hajjar Elementary School


Fifth Grade

1st Place

Lindsey Mulkerin, Kennedy Elementary School

2nd Place

Kaylie Sullivan, Ditson Elementary School

3rd Place

Vanshika Kella, Parker Elementary School


Middle School

1st Place

Anchal Mahajan, Locke Middle School

2nd Place

Holden Chalfant, Chalfant Family Homeschool

3rd Place

Cameron Kubiak, Marshall Middle School


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