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2016 Spelling Bee Finalists

Congratulations to all of the students who took the Billerica Spell Check test! The following students are invited to participate in the Billerica Spelling Bee on February 6, 2016 at the Marshall Middle School.

Third Grade

Aadi Aravamudhan, Ditson Elementary School
Justin Bailat, Hajjar Elementary School
Evan Brundige, Dutile Elementary School
Madison Bruno, Dutile Elementary School
Keira Burns, Kennedy Elementary School
Caden Campos, Parker Elementary School
Lorraine Cole, Dutile Elementary School
Maria Digilio, Kennedy Elementary School
Ava Douglass, Vining Elementary School
Jayson Dube, Parker Elementary School
Brody Esterbrook, Dutile Elementary School
Sonny Fichera, Ditson Elementary School
Michael Hillson, Kennedy Elementary School
OM HIRANI, Ditson Elementary School
Aaron Huffman, Parker Elementary School
Ashley Jacobo, Ditson Elementary School
Sophie Lacombe, Ditson Elementary School
Mia Monteiro, Vining Elementary School
Danny Moore, Parker Elementary School
Gianna Nalumansi, Parker Elementary School
Ryan Nogueira, Ditson Elementary School
Claire O’Connor, Ditson Elementary School
Melissa Panaligan, Kennedy Elementary School
Catherine Patti, Parker Elementary School
Nicholas Piazza, Hajjar Elementary School
Shravanth Sennimalai, Ditson Elementary School
Kelly Shapleigh, Dutile Elementary School
Theara Sieu, Hajjar Elementary School
Kaylie Sullivan, Ditson Elementary School
Ameera Wahid, Hajjar Elementary School
Saish Yennampelli , Ditson Elementary School

Fourth Grade

Eloise Barriault, Vining Elementary School
Bennett Gerardo Bedell, Hajjar Elementary School
Carsyn Bradley, Vining Elementary School
Kaylyn Burke, Dutile Elementary School
Scott Canney, Parker Elementary School
Ashley Caputo , Kennedy Elementary School
Jenna Cerullo, Parker Elementary School
Holden Chalfant, Homeschool
Jacara DeGree, Dutile Elementary School
Sarah Gierke, Parker Elementary School
Madison Greene, Kennedy Elementary School
Patrick Hall, Kennedy Elementary School
Anya Hill, Dutile Elementary School
John LaFauci, Ditson Elementary School
Herin Lee, Kennedy Elementary School
Sopha Leyne, Hajjar Elementary School
Emma McDermott, Vining Elementary School
William McGurl, Parker Elementary School
Sean Ngere, Homeschool
Mihir Patankar, Parker Elementary School
Yash Patel, Vining Elementary School
Brianna Phelan, Dutile Elementary School
Sylvia Reveley, Vining Elementary School
Claire Seguin, Parker Elementary School
Darro Sieu, Hajjar Elementary School
Mia Sinopoli, Hajjar Elementary School
Shreya Stanley, Ditson Elementary School
Ryan Stevens, Ditson Elementary School
Rushika Susarla, Parker Elementary School
Josiah F Twebaze, Ditson Elementary School
Kiley Williams, Hajjar Elementary School

Fifth Grade

Anuva Agrawal, Dutile Elementary School
Deirdre Bailat, Hajjar Elementary School
Shannon Bailat, Hajjar Elementary School
Anthony Bastianelli, Parker Elementary School
Wesley Cole, Dutile Elementary School
Jenna D’Antona, Hajjar Elementary School
Jayden Darris-O’Connor, Hajjar Elementary School
Jillian Darris-O’Connor, Hajjar Elementary School
Rayne DeGiorgio, Parker Elementary School
Andrew Diggins, Kennedy Elementary School
Jack Haroutunian, Dutile Elementary School
Sri Deekshitha Kasagani, Ditson Elementary School
Alyssa MacDonald, Kennedy Elementary School
Aaron Marques, Ditson Elementary School
Jimmy McKenna, Kennedy Elementary School
Ishaan Patel, Parker Elementary School
Karan Rana, Vining Elementary School
Asma Shaikh, Vining Elementary School
Riwaj Singh, Dutile Elementary School
Sanjay Sivakumar, Ditson Elementary School
Sriganesh Srinivasan, Kennedy Elementary School
Aditi Swamy, Ditson Elementary School
Hanaa Wahid, Hajjar Elementary School
Eric Winitzer, Parker Elementary School

Sixth Grade

Ryan Alleca, Marshall Middle School
Matthew Barros, Locke Middle School
Marina Botte, Marshall Middle School
julio cortez, Marshall Middle School
Marjola Daja, Locke Middle School
Anabelle Duffy-Ladd, Marshall Middle School
CHLOE FONTAINE, Marshall Middle School
Payal Gandhi, Marshall Middle School
Maya Hardy, Academy of Notre Dame
Kadyn Kabuga, Innovation Academy Charter School
Cameron Kubiak, Marshall Middle School
Wensley Lipman, Locke Middle School
anchal mahajan, Locke Middle School
Prisha Patel, Marshall Middle School
Suzanne Patti, Locke Middle School
Nazneen Sheikh, Locke Middle School
Karan Shome, Locke Middle School
Kyle Toce, Marshall Middle School
Siobhan Tolleson, Locke Middle School
Ethan Truong, Locke Middle School
Eva Vladova, Locke Middle School
Ryan Whalen, Marshall Middle School

Seventh Grade

Shashank Jarmale, Locke Middle School
Saketh Mynampati, Locke Middle School
Jai Patel, Locke Middle School
Kunj Patel, Locke Middle School
Tej Patel, Locke Middle School
Gerson Personnat, Locke Middle School
Jayden Personnat, Locke Middle School
Emily Santamaria, Locke Middle School
Derek Stevens, Locke Middle School
Damian Trinidad , Marshall Middle School
Nethra Vasudevan, Locke Middle School

Eighth Grade

Avani Agrawal, Marshall Middle School
Ankit Amonkar, Locke Middle School
Roshni Bhat, Locke Middle School
Jessica D’Antona, Marshall Middle School
Leithsa Dimanche , Locke Middle School
Anita Gulia, Innovation Academy Charter School
Danny Hopkins, Locke Middle School
Sriram Krishnamoorthy, Locke Middle School
Andrew Lambert, Locke Middle School
Ava Lankowski, Locke Middle School
Vincent Lopez, Locke Middle School
Megan Moore, Locke Middle School
Ryhan Mortuza, Locke Middle School
Diti Pitre, Locke Middle School
Ariana Swoyer, Locke Middle School


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