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Spelling Bee Schedule

The 5th annual Billerica Spelling Bee will be held on Saturday, February 8, 2014 at the Marshall Middle School on Floyd Street in Billerica. Please note that we are not at the high school for this year’s event.

Tickets will grant an all-day admission and will be $6 for adults, $3 for students and seniors, and no charge for little ones. Students participating in the Spelling Bee do not need a ticket.

Proceeds from the event go to fund the Innovative Classroom Grants program of the Billerica Partners for Education.

The public is welcome to attend the event.

The schedule for the rounds by grade is posted below.

NOTE: The only start time that is guaranteed is third grade. For all others, we’ll try to start on time but, given the nature of a spelling bee, some rounds go long. With many years of experience, we’ve developed a schedule that we believe will be accurate, but you should always plan some extra time after your round in case the grade before you runs long.

Students should arrive for check-in at least fifteen minutes before their scheduled start time.

Student Grade

Count of Students

Start Time



9:00 AM



11:00 AM



12:30 PM



2:30 PM



3:30 PM



4:15 PM


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