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2013 Billerica Spelling Bee Winners

On February 2, 2013, the fourth annual Billerica Spelling Bee was held at Billerica Memorial High School. The day-long competition brought together 137 students from all over Billerica. The event was sponsored by Billerica Rotary Club and prizes for our first place winners were provided by Enterprise Bank.

Every student that participated in the Billerica Spelling Bee qualified for the event by taking a written test in November of 2012. A total of 311 students took the written test and the students that received the highest scores were invited to the February 2nd competition as finalists.

Students from public school. private schools, home schools, parochial schools, and charter schools were represented in the written test and in the finals.

Our winners are:

Third Grade

  1. Ryan Alleca, Kennedy Elementary School
  2. Dhruv Nadkarni, Ditson Elementary School
  3. Matthew Barros, Ditson Elementary School

Fourth Grade

  1. Saketh Mynampati, Ditson Elementary School
  2. Shashank Jarmale, Ditson Elementary School
  3. Nethra Vasudevan, Ditson Elementary School

Fifth Grade

  1. Roshni Bhat, Ditson Elementary School
  2. Jessica D’Antona, Hajjar Elementary School
  3. Sriram Krishnamoorthy, Ditson Elementary School

Sixth Grade

  1. Ashwin Chitoor, Marshall Middle School
  2. Patrick Browne, Locke Middle School and Roshan Ravi, Locke Middle School
  3. Judy Tolleson, Locke Middle School

Seventh Grade

  1. Alyssa Moore, Locke Middle School
  2. Antonio Gulia, Innovation Academy Charter School
  3. Brianna Meyers, Locke Middle School

Eighth Grade

  1. Helen Lee, Lee Family Home School
  2. Shannon Dinsmore, Marshall Middle School
  3. Dawn Moore, Marshall Middle School

Congratulations to all of the winners and finalists! We hope you enjoyed your time at the Billerica Spelling Bee!


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