2012 Bee


3rd Grade
1st Place
Saketh Mynampati
2nd Place
Bo Bonifanti
3rd Place
Advika Krishnan
4th Grade
1st Place
Samantha Gallagher
2nd Place
Jessica D’Antona
3rd Place
Arushi Kalpande
Avani Agrawal
Jessica Landry
Joey Napoli
Teagan Gobiel

5th Grade
1st Place
Kathryn Wiggins
2nd Place
Amaan Shaikh
3rd Place
Hannah Gould
6th Grade
1st Place
Erin Montion
2nd Place
Alyssa Moore
3rd Place
Araceli Schmalz
Emma Rugg


7th Grade
1st Place
Delaney Johnson
2nd Place
Guarang Amonkar
Helen Lee
3rd Place
Chris Comeau
Joshua Schmidt
Shannon Dinsmore

8th Grade

1st Place
David LaPusata
2nd Place
Emma Tilley
3rd Place
Aishwarya Chitoor
Larry Tang
Tyler Tribou


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